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Play Online Lottery GamesHi and welcome to Our aim is to bring you some fantastic information regarding online lottery products from around the world on a regular basis. The global lottery market is a multi-billion Dollar industry and there is an ever increasing number of companies out there trying to secure their share of this enormous market.

It can therefore be quite a daunting task for lottery players when it comes to choosing a company to spend their lottery cash with. We will therefore be adding regular free lotto reviews to our site to help the lottery community make well informed playing decisions. So, whether you are looking to purchase online lottery tickets, place a bet on the outcome of a lottery or purchase some lottery software, we will be here to try and make your decision that much easier.

Playing the lottery online is becoming a far more common way of participating in this extremely popular global pastime. Millions of people all over the world buy lottery tickets every week in their favourite lotto game but only a relatively small percentage buy lottery tickets online; but this trend is changing fast! The large majority of lottery players still take a trip to their high street lottery retailer to purchase their ticket(s) every week but more and more are now picking up their tickets via online portals.

In the UK you can buy your tickets for the UK National lottery directly from the lottery operator’s website. This is also the same in many other lottery playing nations meaning that players can now purchase their tickets from the convenience of their own homes. Another major reason for the growth in the playing of online lottery games is due to the arrival of lottery ticket sales agents. These are online lottery ticket portals that allow you to purchase tickets in a huge number of worldwide lottery games. Historically, you could only partake in the lottery game(s) offered by your resident country but now you have all the major lotteries available to you.

250x250-3(1)Lottery syndicates are another very common way that people choose to play the lottery as this is a cost effective and odds enhancing playing method. Typically a syndicate is setup by a group of friends or work colleagues who each put a set amount of money into a ‘pot’ and with this purchase lottery tickets; any winnings are then split equally between participating members. In the past, this process would be handled manually with a designated syndicate manager collecting each member’s money and buying the tickets from the lottery retailer. Nowadays, this whole process can be setup online using a legally binding syndicate contract.

If you are looking to play lottery online in a syndicate but are having trouble finding like minded individuals to join your group all is not lost. There are professional lottery syndicate systems available online that simply slot you into the next available syndicate spot when your register and pay your fee. They even automatically check your syndicate numbers against all drawn numbers as well as pay your share of any winnings into your online e-wallet for you to withdraw at your leisure.

Play Lottery OnlineAs you can see, the lottery playing world has changed dramatically over the years and now you can tap into all the biggest jackpot games from your computer or Smart Phone. With lottery ticket sales agents you can now buy tickets in any number of online lotteries. If syndicate play is more your thing, you now have access to some brilliantly packaged lottery syndicate systems also. There really has never been a better time to be a lottery player.

One thing that all lottery players have in common is that ultimate dream – to win the lottery. But caution has to be exercised as not all lottery retailers are reputable and the last thing that we want you to do is to throw your hard earned cash down the drain. So, before signing up to any online lottery retailer, give our site a quick search to see if we have already published a review on your chosen retailer. If there is no review for the product/retailer that you have looked at, drop us a line and we will publish a review for you.

Playing the lottery is a fun experience for millions of people around the world every week and we want this fun to continue. So, check out our free lotto reviews as we endeavour to highlight the reputable lottery retailers/products and publicly shame the bad ones.

Happy lottery playing from the team at!

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  1. Evening…just joined Ice Lotto and very impressed with mechanisms and support. Will be even more impressed when you win me a couple of mill…

  2. I recommend trying out Lotto Leader. They do a great job and their website is a pleasure to use. Thanks for making your website lottowonga you give a great service and you rock!

  3. I play with the lottery syndicate where I pay £3.97 a week for a share of 20 Lotto tickets

    They have this referral system where you get £1 a week for each person you refer. I’ve referred 4 people so I’m getting £4 a week and so I’m effectively a free member.

    I think that’s the best way to approach syndicate opportunities – they need members and are willing to pay a regular amount to you for referring them. So take advantage of that.

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