Review of Lotto Leader UK Online Lottery Services

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Lotto Leader is a young company that was established in 2013 to bring a new edge to the online lottery market. It creates a new brand due to a young and dynamic think-tank. Lotto Leader offers you unique services that specialize in purchase and pickup of tickets. Lotto Leader is very user – friendly and you can also maximise your chance of winning by using a proper strategy. Some of the lotteries are: Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, Lotto 6/49, EuroJackpot, La Primitiva and SuperEnalotto. This online lottery service and website offers the clients an experience in itself.

Dream Big
The Lotto Leader Company helps the clients to dream big and helps them to achieve big. The Company helps you in fulfilling your dream by offering bonus, discounts and ways to meet all the challenges and reach the jackpot. Players can also collaborate to increase their chances of winning by investing less. You can participate in about 50 different lotteries. You also get updated and proper information by the Company. You are thus provided everything in just one situation. If anyone has any question in their mind, they can mail their queries to the Company. It provides you the simplest and most suitable method of playing lottery. You can also increase your chances of winning. The online betting increases with the passage of time. You get a secure deal.

Play Lottery Games Online
An online lottery offers you the chance of playing games that comes from each lotto-playing sector of the world. You can select lotto games from the new country with lots of people. It provides you a boost. An unknown lottery is the most popular way of making people fool. Lotto Leader is one place that is considered to be best for you. It is the safest destination for online lottery. This is a perfect destination that encourages people to play fair.

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The SuperEnalotto Lottery History

SuperEnalotto is a very famous lottery that has been played in Italy ever since 3rd December, 1997. The lottery draws takes place on Thursdays, Tuesday and Saturday at 8 p.m. This is one of the largest lotteries in the world. This lottery has a great relevance as Enalotto was a very well known lottery that existed in 1950’s. SISAL was modified in 1997 to create SuperEnalotto. Till 2009, there were six winners of lottery. They were held in Baro, Florence, Naples, Rome, Milan and Palermo.

The Venice draw is used as Jolly number. The first number that was drawn was used first and later the second one was used and the number goes on. It is a very less probability that two numbers winning of the two cities would be same. If the two numbers have same numbers then that means that they have duplicate numbers and then winning a jackpot becomes impossible. But ever since 1st July, 2009, the numbers are being drawn independently. Only one single draw is being conducted for six winning numbers and Jolly number and second draw is for SuperStar number.

Ticket Cost and Odds of Winning

Each game ticket costs about one Euro for every two try. All the players should just seek to match 6 numbers out of the 90 numbers. If the player matches all the numbers, he will definitely win. Apart from the jackpot, there are five prize categories in SuperEnalotto that players can win. The jolly numbers gives the candidates an additional chance to the players. This means that they will get 5+1 chance. This makes a total of 6. In order to win the match, at least 3 numbers should match.

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Tickets can be bought for the Superenalotto at Lotto Leader.

The EuroMillions Winners

EuroMillions is a lottery that was launched on 7th February, 2004. The first draw was held on 13th February, 2004 in Paris. Many countries like UK, France, Spain, Austrian, Irish, Portuguese and many others had taken place. The lottery draws are held on every Tuesday and Friday at 8:45 p.m in Paris. The lottery tickets are also available at licensed stores and online websites. In order to participate in the lottery, a player should be at least 18 years of age. The cost of the ticket is £2.00.

The EuroMillion winners were created in every EuroMillions draw. Till date, the winners of this largest jackpot are Adrian and Gillian Bayford. They were from UK who had won an incredible amount of €190 million in August 2012. Among the other winners are Chris and Colin Weir from UK who had won €185 million in 2012.

Countries, Winners and Odds

Ever since the EuroMillions was launched, each participating country sold at least one winning jackpot ticket. Mostly people from France, Spain, Portugal and UK have won the lottery. The latest news came when the EuroMillions was won by 12 bus drivers from Corby, UK. They had won a total jackpot prize of £38,034,639.70.The player firstly selects five main numbers from 1 – 50. Now two lucky star numbers are selected from a pool of 11 numbers. The app i.e. the EuroMillions Results Checker helps you to check your number quickly on your mobile device easily and free of cost. The structure of the game was changed in 2011. The lucky star of the game can be drawn from a pool of 11 numbers instead of usual 9. Also a separate provision i.e. the booster fund is available to make contribution for the jackpot. There is a probability of 1 in 13 to win the game. Euromillions tickets can be bought online at secure websites such as the Lottoleader online lottery website.

All About The Mega Millions Prizes

Cash games are such games that can either make you rich or poor. People from all around the world come together and invest their small amounts to contribute to the lottery prize of the winner. The cost of Mega Millions tickets is just $1.00 per play. The players can select six numbers from two different pools of number. One pool consists of five different numbers from 1 – 75 and one number from 1 – 15. You can also select Easy Pick. You may also win the jackpot by matching the six winning numbers in a draw.


The amount of the jackpot prize starts from $15 million and grows by $5 million per draw for each jackpot roll-over making the Mega Millions lottery one of the biggest jackpot lotteries in the world! The Mega Millions prizes are paid in 29 annual payments. Each payment gets bigger every time by 5 %. The amount of jackpot is paid in equal instalments. The cost of living will increase while payments are not made. Apart from jackpots, other prizes also range from $1 to $1,000,000. The jackpot prize also increases by 2, 3, 4 or 5 times. The players should pick six numbers from two different pools of numbers. They should select five numbers from 1 – 75 and one number from 1 – 15 or easy pick. You may also win jackpot by matching the six numbers in the draw.

Mega Millions Lottery Winners

You may win the Grand Prize in the annual option of 30 graduated annual payments or the cash system. It is one of the oldest but the most profitable lottery winnings. But the players are not given the any mail confirmation. All the winners of the lottery cannot take the cash directly. Many taxes like child care, donation and many other deductions are also made from the main amount. So what a winner gets is after making all the deductions.

Eurojackpot Syndicates

If you are looking for something exciting that will get you pumped, it is probably time for you to try something new and different. The Eurojackpot lottery is Europe’s favorite lottery for many different reasons, but mostly for the fun and cash winnings that you can get access to. Why not start playing the Eurojackpot today?

Prize Winning Potential

One of the best parts of the Eurojackpot lottery is the prize winning potential that it offers. Not only do jackpots start ant $10 million, but there are 13 different prize categories that you have the ability to win. If you want great odds of winning, the Eurojackpot lottery is what you need to be playing. If you want even better winning potential, it might be time to try the Eurojackpot syndicate.

What is the Eurojackpot Syndicate?

This is really the ideal way to play the Eurojackpot. This gives you the most cash winning potential. The jackpot starts at $10 million, which is a huge payday and the Eurojackpot lottery main prize can grow to be as high as $90 million – being a HUGE prize. While the record so far is $61 million, the $90 million can be in play at some point in the future. By paying the Eurojackpot syndicate, you increase your odds of winning the jackpot by having 20 chances each week.

20 Chances to Win Big

The best part about the Eurojackpot syndicate is the ability to have many chances to win. Not only does this give you 20 chances to win the jackpot, but also chances to win other prize levels. You might not win the jackpot and get millions, but you could win a different prize level and get thousands. The Eurojackpot syndicate just increases your odds and makes it more possible to win big.

Already Better Odds

Playing the Eurojackpot lottery already comes attached with better odds. Your odds of winning the jackpot are nearly 2 times better than with other lotteries. No matter where you are in the world, you can play the Eurojackpot lottery online and get access to great odds. Eurojackpot syndicates give you multiple chances to win the jackpot each week and improve your odds.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

Now is the time to start playing the Eurojackpot syndicate. With better odds that $10 million jackpot could be within your reach. Who wouldn’t want to have a better shot at becoming a millionaire 10 times over?