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LottoSpring LogoWhat Exactly is LottoSpring?

LottoSpring is a lottery syndicate system where players enjoy the odds benefits of syndicate play in 8 guaranteed high jackpot games each month. You also get the opportunity to build a team of LottoSpring members and every time they win, you win. That is the basic overview so now let’s get down to some of the nitty gritty.

The Games

When you join LottoSpring you are placed into a 50 member syndicate which is entered into 8 lottery draws each month:

Mega 5 takes place every Tuesday and has a jackpot prize of €5 million. If one of the syndicate members has the winning ticket, they will personally collect €1 million and the remaining syndicate members share €4 million.

Mega 10 takes place on the first 3 Fridays of each month and has a jackpot of €10 million. If one of the syndicate members has the winning ticket, they will personally collect €2 million and the remaining syndicate members share €8 million.

Mega 50 takes place on the 4th Friday of each month and has a jackpot of €50 million. If one of the syndicate members has the winning ticket, they will personally collect €10 million and the remaining syndicate members share €40 million.

Although these draws are in no way linked with that of the Euro Millions, the same numbers are used in order to maintain 100% transparency. As with the official Euro Million draw, your syndicate will hit the jackpot by matching 5 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars from that day’s Euro Millions draw. Matching 5 main numbers and 1 Lucky Star will secure your syndicate €200,000 and matching just the 5 main numbers will bring your syndicate €100,000.

Personal Prizes

There are also thousands of smaller prizes on offer to each syndicate member at the lower end of the prize scale ranging from €5 for matching 2 main numbers right up to €10,000 for matching 4 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars.

Social Lotto Benefits

This is where the real excitement kicks in with LottoSpring as this is your chance to win ever increasing regular amounts with this opportunity. When you join LottoSpring you have a 5×6 matrix at your disposal. This is simply an organisational hierarchy which starts with you introducing 5 members who sit on you 1st level/tier. Each of those 5 members then need to recruit 5 members and this process is then repeated down 6 level of your organisation and then your matrix is filled. The following table shows you the numbers required for each level of your 5×6 matrix:

Level 1 – 5 Members
Level 2 – 25 Members
Level 3 – 125 Members
Level 4 – 625 Members
Level 5 – 3125 Members
Level 6 – 15625 Members
Total – 19530 Members

Your matrix can fill up by:

  • Your personal recruitment
  • Recruitment of your down line team members
  • “Spill Over” from your up line team members

Every time any member of your matrix wins a prize in one of the 8 monthly lottery draws, you will win a bonus prize. If the member who wins a prize was introduced by one of your team members, you receive a 5% bonus prize but if you personally introduced them then that bonus prize increases to 10%!

Blitz Tickets

You receive a Blitz Ticket for each 300 Blitz Points that you accrue. For every 4 week period that a personally recruited member keeps their membership going, you receive 200 Blitz Points and 100 Blitz Points if the member was not recruited by you. Blitz Tickets are guaranteed to win you between €1 and €50,000 every Friday and the draw uses the 5 main Euro Millions numbers drawn on that day.

What is the Cost of Joining LottoSpring?

LottoSpring costs €33 every 4 weeks but the great thing is that your membership cost will be cancelled out once you introduce just 3 members who pay their €33, 4 weekly subscription.

VIP Membership – ProSpring

ProSpring is for those individuals who not only want to win more but are also more serious about building a large and successful network.

Main Benefits are:

  • Double Blitz Points
  • FREE full ticket to give away every single draw which is a great recruitment tool
  • You can win even more prizes as you will now have access to the ProSpring Ranking System

What is the Cost of Joining ProSpring?

ProSpring costs €66 every 4 weeks but as with LottoSpring your membership cost will be cancelled out once you introduce just 3 members who pay their €66, 4 weekly subscription.

Who Can Join LottoSpring/ProSpring?

LottoSpring/ProSpring is open to the vast majority of countries from around the world. However, there are certain countries from where individuals will not be allowed to join. Here is the full list:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Cayman Islands, Ecuador, France, Guyana, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Myanmar, North Korea, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Sudan, Syria, Uganda, USA, Yemen

What Gaming License Does LottoSpring Hold?

LottoSpring has a gaming license issued by the gaming authority of Curaçao, license number 8048JAZ2013-014.

Who Owns LottoSpring?

LottoSpring is 100% owned by CEO Jamie Mather who is an entrepreneur with considerable experience in the online gaming sector.

What Do I Think of LottoSpring?

Plus Points:

  • €100 million guaranteed monthly jackpot totals
  • Syndicate play brings significant odds advantage
  • €33/€66 monthly subscription costs appear good value
  • Global business opportunity available for interested members

Negative Points:

  • LottoSpring launched in October 2015 so the product popularity is yet to be tested


With considerable experience in the online gaming sector, I know that these sorts of packaged lottery products generate plenty of interest in the lottery playing community. The €33/€66 monthly subscription cost should appeal to many lottery players out there as this sits within the price range where I have seen great numbers of subscriptions sold in other similar businesses.

I very much like the introduce 3 and cover your costs principle which again should appeal to many who join this business. This should also limit the ‘churn’ as people are unlikely to cancel their memberships when they are playing for free.

I strongly believe that LottoSpring with attract a lot of interest following the official launch as people both enjoy and understand lottery syndicate play. The fact that this product comes with a fully fledged social business opportunity (MLM) will without doubt also bring in the business minded individuals making LottoSpring an almost certain hit!

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The Site’s Features

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