Betfred Lotto Review

Is the Betfred lottery betting business a worthwhile bet?

Betfred Lottery BettingUnlike other services reviewed at Lotto Wonga, Betfred Lotto is somewhat different. With Betfred Lotto you are not actually buying lottery tickets or syndicate places but instead are betting on the outcome of lottery games.  Players are required to select five numbers from their chosen lottery’s pool of numbers, irrespective of how many numbers are required to be chosen if you were buying a ticket for that game in the traditional way. You are then paid out for each of the five numbers that you correctly match to the drawn numbers in the actual lottery draw. How much you win depends on how many numbers you match and the value of the stake that you have bet. For example, if you choose to place a £1 bet on the UK lotto and your 5 numbers show up in the actual draw, then you will win £150,000 as the odds of matching 5 numbers in this draw are 1 in 150,000. If your stake should be £5 then you will win £750,000 (£150,000 X 5).

What Games are on offer at Betfred Lotto?

With Betfred Lottery there is a good selection of lottery games to place bets on. The full range of games available is: UK lotto, Irish lotto, Euro Millions, 49’s, Spanish lottery, Daily Millions, New York lotto, Thunderball, Canadian lottery, German lotto and Greek lottery.


Betfred Lotto offers decent odds on all its lottery games. Check out the returns available on their four most popular draws based on a £1 stake:

Irish Lotto
3 correct numbers returns £625
4 correct numbers returns £6,500
5 correct numbers returns £100k

UK Lotto
3 correct numbers returns £725
4 correct numbers returns £7,500
5 correct numbers returns £150k

Euro Millions
3 correct numbers returns £1,000
4 correct numbers returns £25,000
5 correct numbers returns £150k

3 correct numbers returns £700
4 correct numbers returns £ 10,000
5 correct numbers returns £150k


Welcome Bonus – Online
New customers at Betfred Lotto online will receive a £25 Welcome Bonus when they sign up. Players simply make their first deposit of £1 or more and Betfred will match it up to £25 with a free bet.

Welcome Bonus – Lotto App
Download Betfred’s Lotto App, available for Android, iOS and Windows 8, and receive a free £5 bet when you stake your first £5!

Special offers
In addition to both welcome offers, Betfred incentivise and reward their players with free bets, stake match specials and numerous other promotions all-year round.

Anytime, anywhere… Lotto App
Want the option of placing your lotto bets anytime, anywhere? Thanks to Betfred’s one-of-a-kind Lotto App this is available to you! The App is completely free to download and it contains a host of features that make lotto betting easier than ever before. The user-friendly App allows you to select multiple bet types, save your favourite numbers and even Tweet your selections to share with friends! The Lotto App is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch and iPad with iOS 5.0 or later versions. The App is also available for Android and Windows 8.

Uploading Funds and Receiving Winnings

Betfred has many payment options for both uploading and withdrawing funds. These include credit/debit card, Neteller, PayPal, MoneyBookers and Ukash. Players can also use a Cheque or Bankers Draft as well as Bank Transfers. As Betfred is a gaming company, it is subject to strict legislation when it comes to financial transactions. Players must adhere to these guidelines when both uploading and withdrawing funds. On there are dedicated help pages that offer detailed information pertaining to each of the payment methods available.

Betfred Customer Service

Players can contact Betfred by telephone and email and there is also a 24/7 live chat facility so you can get in touch with them as and when you need to.

What Do I Think of Betfred Lotto?

Plus Points:

  • Large company with good reputation
  • Good selection of lotteries to bet on
  • High payouts for matching just 3 numbers

Negative Points:

  • Not actually playing in a lottery; just betting on the outcome
  • No life changing jackpots at stake


Lottery betting is not something that I have tried before but it seems to be pretty big on the internet today. You can earn a very nice slab of cash for just matching 3 numbers in any of the Betfred Lotto games but you are never going to win more than £150,000 on a £1 stake. As a lottery promoter (affiliate) I know all too well how big jackpots drive sales in traditional lotto games where tickets are purchased. I am therefore unsure of just how popular this sort of lotto betting will become with only modest top prizes available.

If you have taken part in lottery betting before, especially with Betfred Lotto, I would very much appreciate your comments (good and bad) below.

If you would like to find out more information visit Betfred Lotto.

Please Note: Although I review this product, I am also an affiliate and therefore earn commissions from any sales that are generated through text links and/or banners on this page.

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