Big Fat Lottos Launch New Website

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Along with the recent launch of their latest lottery syndicate offering, the Irish lottery, Big Fat Lottos have also completely revamped their website. There now seems to be more of a focus on who Big Fat Lottos actually are as well as reasons clearly highlighted as to why lottery players should join.

I felt that the previous design was pretty decent but I feel that this latest effort is an improvement. The game options are still very clear and a “special offers” area has been added to the top of the site to entice new customers. I especially like the fact that customer reviews have been placed clearly on the site to help add credence to the brand and I think the “call me” feature is a great idea also. This is where you can request a call back from the company at your convenience if you have any queries. The addition of a blog is also a great idea as long as it is kept up to date with exciting and topical news items.

All in all I feel that the new site is an overall improvement on the old design. Please let me know what your opinions are regarding the new site design and features by commenting in the box below. Also, if you wish to ask me any questions, I will do my best to assist you.

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