Eurojackpot Syndicates

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If you are looking for something exciting that will get you pumped, it is probably time for you to try something new and different. The Eurojackpot lottery is Europe’s favorite lottery for many different reasons, but mostly for the fun and cash winnings that you can get access to. Why not start playing the Eurojackpot today?

Prize Winning Potential

One of the best parts of the Eurojackpot lottery is the prize winning potential that it offers. Not only do jackpots start ant $10 million, but there are 13 different prize categories that you have the ability to win. If you want great odds of winning, the Eurojackpot lottery is what you need to be playing. If you want even better winning potential, it might be time to try the Eurojackpot syndicate.

What is the Eurojackpot Syndicate?

This is really the ideal way to play the Eurojackpot. This gives you the most cash winning potential. The jackpot starts at $10 million, which is a huge payday and the Eurojackpot lottery main prize can grow to be as high as $90 million – being a HUGE prize. While the record so far is $61 million, the $90 million can be in play at some point in the future. By paying the Eurojackpot syndicate, you increase your odds of winning the jackpot by having 20 chances each week.

20 Chances to Win Big

The best part about the Eurojackpot syndicate is the ability to have many chances to win. Not only does this give you 20 chances to win the jackpot, but also chances to win other prize levels. You might not win the jackpot and get millions, but you could win a different prize level and get thousands. The Eurojackpot syndicate just increases your odds and makes it more possible to win big.

Already Better Odds

Playing the Eurojackpot lottery already comes attached with better odds. Your odds of winning the jackpot are nearly 2 times better than with other lotteries. No matter where you are in the world, you can play the Eurojackpot lottery online and get access to great odds. Eurojackpot syndicates give you multiple chances to win the jackpot each week and improve your odds.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

Now is the time to start playing the Eurojackpot syndicate. With better odds that $10 million jackpot could be within your reach. Who wouldn’t want to have a better shot at becoming a millionaire 10 times over?

Scratch Card Business Opportunity

A New Scratch Cards Business Opportunity is Coming!

Online Scratch Cards OpportunityThe worldwide scratch cards market is absolutely massive with millions of people playing globally each week and Billions of £/$ and € being spent in the process.

On July 14th there will be a new scratch cards business opportunity entering this e-gaming sector that will give you the chance to grab your share of this huge and expanding market.

Why do people love to play scratch games online? Well, there are many reasons:

  • Low investment
  • Instant payouts
  • Great winning odds (1 in 3 to 1 in 5 typical)
  • Big win potential

If you would like to get involved in this scratch card opportunity right at the very start, simply enter your details into the form below: Review Sounds Exciting But Is It Worth A Punt? LogoThinking of joining Learn everything you need to know, right here at LottoWonga. is becoming bigger and bigger, but what do we really know about

Well firstly they hold two gaming licenses, one in the UK & the other in the Isle of Man. As time goes on, this is becoming an industry benchmark and we recommend that when you choose to play the lotto online that you check to see that the company you opt for is always licensed.

Why is this important?

Well what it means is your money is safe when choosing to do transactions, you are guaranteed to get your winnings paid out and if you need help with any of your games you can also call them through a dedicated account management team, which is a nice touch. currently offer a number of well-known games, ranging from the EuroMillions lotto in Europe to the MegaMillions and Powerball in the USA. Infact, if you fancy playing in a lottery syndicate then you have a choice of 10 lotteries to choose from. If single ticket play is more your thing, then these guys offer 4 of the biggest global jackpot lottery games for you.

250x250-3(1)One thing we also particularly like is you can play across all devices! So if you lead a busy lifestyle you have the option to play your favourite game whilst on the move. Also are becoming particularly well-known for their great offers – one which is worth a mention is their Exclusive £100 Million EuroMillions Lotto offer, known as a bumper jackpot! offer a £100 Million EuroMillions jackpot, to all new players, regardless of the size of the draw on the night. So, if someone wins with you can expect a huge increase in your winnings and that ladies and gentlemen is why people are choosing to play with them. Because they know we all love a big Jackpot!

What do I think of

Plus Points:

  • Nice clean website that is easy to understand and navigate
  • Fully licensed lottery provider which helps add trust
  • Offer both single line tickets as well as syndicates
  • Great offers announced regularly

Negative Points:

  • No negative points to mention at the moment. But has only been around since 2014

Summary has a decent product range, is fully licensed and has a very pleasant and easy to understand website. I am not saying that they are one of my favourite lottery providers but they seem to have a nice business that should draw in players from around the world. They also offer some very attractive incentives to entice new players to their gaming platform. If you are thinking of giving these guys a shot, I would say “why not?”. Just remember to tell me all about your experiences, good or bad, right here at

To find out more visit

Available to players 18+, please bet responsibly. For information on problem gambling please visit:

Where to Buy Lottery Tickets Online?

If you have been wondering where to buy lottery tickets online, then wonder no more. At LottoWonga we promote many of the best lottery ticket resellers from around the world so if you just love to play in the big jackpot games then you really needn’t go anywhere else. If you are looking for a reputable lottery ticket company may we suggest TheLotter, Play Huge Lottos or Lotto Broker as we consider these to be the leading lottery ticket sellers on the web today.

If you are interested in playing in a lottery syndicate then we suggest that you take a good look at WinTrillions.

Here is an interesting article created by Lotto Send who are one of the many lottery ticket retailers attempting to grab their slice of the global lottery ticket pie

Phenomenon of Selling Lottery Tickets Online Lottosend

Now that lottery tickets can be sold and purchased online and out of the country the way the game is being played is changing for the better. The United States have lagged behind a bit in this respect according to US lottery statistics young Americans between the ages of 24 and 34 are less likely to buy lottery tickets and one of the main reasons for this is the outdated purchasing methods. The emergence of online sales is reigniting the interest of younger players.… Changes Name to

The Big Fat Lottos brand has been with us for almost 4 years now but on September 10th that all changed as became

The company behind believes that the new name better suits the international nature of the business with not only this more appealing name but one that also carries a strong call to action.

This change in no way effects the suite of lottery type games that were launched under the Big Fat Lottos name.

€100,000,000 Euro Millions Jackpot Friday October 3rd 2014

There is now just a month to go before the €100,000,000 Euro Millions Super Draw takes place on Friday October 3rd. This draw is certain to create a huge amount of excitement in the lottery playing community owing to the size of the jackpot on offer. Is this a draw that you want to play in? Well, I guess that if you are visiting our site then you must be a keen lottery player and therefore keen to get involved in draws of this nature.

At Lotto Wonga we give you many choices for gaining access to these top draws. So whether you want to simply buy a ticket or become a member of a lottery syndicate to boost your lottery playing odds, we have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Enjoy and the very best of luck!

Lottery Master – A Detailed Overview

Is LotteryMaster worthy of your lotto cash?

Lottery Master is a lottery ticket sales agent buying lottery tickets from around the world on your behalf. The website is pretty straightforward and it is not difficult to find information on the site. Registration is also easy and quick. It just requires your name, phone number and email address. The service also clearly mentions the ‘Terms & Conditions’. They properly set out legal responsibilities for both you, as well as the company.

How Does Lottery Master Work?

LotteryMaster has agents around the world to purchase lottery tickets on your behalf. You just need to pick a lottery, choose the numbers and your ticket will be purchased, scanned and sent to your mailbox. If you are lucky enough to win, the money will be collected and placed into your LotteryMaster account. The company then sends you an email and SMS notification of the winnings. If you manage to scoop a jackpot, the company arranges to give you the ticket and makes sure you personally claim the top prize.

In order to access a game, you need to click on ‘Play’. It is clearly visible at the top of the screen. A window opens up and lists all the games available, countdown clock for next draw, Jackpot amount and other information. You can choose from many different games on the website. It is worth mentioning that the company does not have any agents in Canada. However, the service offers some special seasonal draws. One major drawback of the company is its high fee. In some cases, it can be over 200%. But LotteryMaster also offers some discounts to cut the prices.

Getting Your Money

LotteryMaster claims to transfer the money to the personal account after deducting the fees. The fee is based on your location, and ranges between $2.50 for Australia, South America & Europe, $10 for Asia and Canada, and $50 for USA, Africa and Central America. According to the company, it takes 3-10 working days to transfer the money. You can also get a 5% bonus, which can be used to play lottery games. However, you can’t cash out the bonus.

Customer Support

When you visit the website, you will notice a customer support page. It has a detailed FAQ list. The service also offers Live Chat but most users find it difficult to reach customer care executives via this medium. You can also use the ‘Dictionary’ on the website to help understand all lottery terminology.


If you check out some Lottery Master reviews on the Internet, you would not find a lot of complaints. The functioning of the company is straightforward. The only complaint people have is regarding the high fees.

What do I think of Lottery Master?

Plus Points:
● Clean and Easy to Understand Interface
● Clear Instructions
● Easy to Find Info

Negative Points:

● Free Promotions Look Fake
● VIP Points and Bonuses Only Generate More Traffic for the Company
● Expensive


Lottery Master is definitely a real site offering a pretty decent service for users interested in lottery games. However, you may be sceptical about the high fees of using their service. If you’re interested in playing lottery games, this is just one of the many options available to you. That said, there are far better lottery ticket websites available nowadays with fees far lower than LotteryMaster. What’s more, the number of complaints from people who have used their service seems to be growing fast!

To find out more visit Lottery Master.

GiantLottos Review

Play For Top Jackpots With

Giant Lottos ImageLottery ticket purchasing services are growing in popularity worldwide, with more and more opening up shop every year. But while it may be easy to start doing business, staying in business is a different task altogether – and in the competitive industry of online lotteries, only the strong survive. One such ticket buying service is, a company whose ten successful years of operation speak volumes of its ability to deliver high standards of quality, and exceptional levels of customer service to an ever-growing player base. Take a look at our review below for a more in-depth examination of this popular company, and find out what lies behind the name of

Lottery Games on Offer

As account holders, any members who sign up have the opportunity to participate in eight of the world’s major international lotteries, including:

  • US Powerball
  • US Mega Millions
  • UK National Lottery
  • EuroMillions
  • EuroJackpot
  • Mega-Sena
  • SuperEnaLotto
  • Lotto 6aus49

The varied selection of lottery games gives new and seasoned players alike exposure to some of the biggest mid-week and weekend lotteries in the world, while allowing them to spread their bets across a variety of draws, in order to increase their winning chances.

Who is Allowed to Play?

Lotto fans will be glad to know that anyone from the age of 18+ can play at, as long as they register a free account and recharge it to purchase tickets. is happy to welcome players from all parts of the world. However, there is a U.S. Law against online gambling and this means that US players are not allowed to register and play at Giant Lottos.

Unique Features prides itself on offering added value to its new and existing players, which it regularly does in the form of:

  • Welcome bonuses: All new players who sign up with immediately qualify for a welcome bonus, such as a 100% Match Bonus on a new player’s first deposit (recharge).
  • Discounts: Players who select the Bulk Play option with will receive discounts of up to 15% on the price of their tickets.
  • Rewards: With the Refer-a-Friend rewards program, players have the opportunity to earn free tickets simply by referring their friends to the website.

Moreover, players are offered highly competitive prices of lottery tickets and are regularly given the opportunity to take part in weekly and monthly promotions in order to earn free tickets and credits, and increase their chances of winning.

About is owned by Mikar Online Limited, a company based in Cyprus. Since opening their doors ten years ago, has gained a reputation for professionalism, trustworthiness and quality customer service – a track record exemplified by their substantial and satisfied player base.

Site Security

With online fraud and identity theft an ever-present threat, offers its players peace of mind in the form of 128-bit encryption technology, guaranteeing complete privacy and confidentiality at all times. It also supports a variety of trusted international payment options such as NETeller, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard and bank transfer, for optimum flexibility and choice.

Customer Service places great importance on the quality of its customer service, and as such offers players a variety of support options in the form of phone, email and live chat. Taking its international player base into account, offers customer support in a number of languages, from English and Afrikaans to Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian and Russian as well, giving players the advantage of help in their native language.

What do I Think of


  • Accepts players worldwide
  • Offers play in a variety of currencies
  • Gives access to 8 finest international lotteries
  • Offers highly competitive ticket prices
  • Rewards players with bonuses and regular promotions
  • Safeguards players with stringent security methods
  • Offers customer support in a variety of languages


  • Not open to US players


While there are a number of lottery ticket purchasing services in the market, appears to be one of the leading providers, offering a range of lotteries, currencies, game play options and rewards, as well as top security and banking methods, and exceptional customer service as well.

To find out more visit GiantLottos

Play GiantLottos Image

Lottoland Review – Checking Out the Home of Double Jackpots

Is Lottoland worth a look or should you avoid it at all costs?

Lottoland Review Overview

Lottoland is a Gibraltar based gaming company that takes bets from players on the outcome of lottery games. Bets can be placed on a selection of worldwide lottery games by players globally. This in itself is nothing new but Lottoland does offer a few unique features that we are yet to see offered by any other retailer in the market. The question is, “are these features just worthless gimmicks or genuine selling points? “

Games offered

Lottoland currently takes bets on 5 of the world’s biggest jackpot lottery games. These are the UK lotto, Euro Millions, EuroJackpot, USA Powerball, USA Mega Millions and the Spanish Christmas draw, El Gordo.

Who can play?

Players from all over the world can register and place bets on the outcome of the lottery games offered by Lottoland. However, residents of Turkey, Spain and the USA are not permitted to register and place bets with Lottoland.

Special features

Lottoland offers a few unique features that we have not seen elsewhere in the lottery world. These have clearly been designed to firstly entice players to register and start playing and then continue playing on a regular basis. So what are these features?

Firstly, there is the money back guarantee for new players and this is how it works. This offer is for new players on their first purchase and applies to purchases of up to 5 play slips. Should any of the play slips on this initial purchase not win a cash prize, then the cost of each non-winning play slip will be refunded to the player’s online account where the money can then be used on additional lottery bets.

Secondly, there is the Double Jackpot feature which promises to double the jackpot you receive if you match all of your chosen lottery’s drawn numbers. By selecting this option you double the cost of your lottery bet but receive twice the lottery payout if you strike it lucky. Lottoland covers the eventuality of this double jackpot payout occurring by purchasing insurance on your behalf from Münchner Emirat AG.

Thirdly, there is Number Shield which is a special number protection insurance. How many times have you read about multiple jackpot winners in the same lottery draw? For example, there may be a £12,000,000 jackpot in the UK lotto but 3 ticket holders match all of the drawn numbers and therefore collect £4,000,000 each rather than the full £12,000,000. With Lottoland if you pay the £1 per ticket Number Shield insurance you can shield the jackpot and keep the full payout for yourself.

Who is Lottoland?

Lottoland is an online lottery betting service that has been taking bets from worldwide lotto players since 2012. Lottoland has its registered office at 23, Ocean Village Promenade, Ocean Village, Gibraltar (EU) and the company is regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner.

What about the security of players’ payment information?

Lottoland has a high level of website security to protect its members’ details. They make use of 256-bit SSL encryption to encrypt your data which is similar to that of international banking grade security.

Customer Service

Lottoland do not appear to offer a ‘live’ support feature which is fairly common among large online lottery retailers these days. What they do offer is 24/7 email support via an online website form. I tried this service and they answered my query within 45 minutes which I felt was more than acceptable.

What Do I Think of Lottoland?

Plus Points:

  • Fully licensed and regulated
  • Money Back Guarantee for first time ticket buyers
  • High level of site security

Negative Points:

  • Only 6 games to play
  • Double Jackpot and Number Shield features are pointless gimmicks
  • No ‘live’ customer support


Lottoland offers players a nice clean simple website which is easy to understand and has a reasonable Q and A section. Site security is also of a very high standard so players should be safe in the knowledge that their personal details are safe at all times. Although Lottoland only offers players 6 lottery games to place bets on, at least they are among the biggest jackpot games available anywhere. I think the Double Jackpot feature is a bit of a con when you consider how remote your odds of hitting any jackpot are in the first place. So instead of paying for this feature, use the money to place an additional ticket bet as doing this will cut your jackpot winning odds in half. I also think that paying for the Number Shield option is a little pointless as I am fairly sure that most players will not mind a great deal having to split a multi-million £/$/€ jackpot should one or two other players match their jackpot winning numbers.

I have spent some time scanning the web to find comments posted by users of Lottoland and generally speaking the messages are very positives. Check out some of the Lottoland user reviews.

All in all I think that Lottoland offers a decent product which is well worth a closer look in my opinion.

To find out more visit Lottoland

Big Fat Lottos Syndicate Wins £20,000 in UK Lotto Raffle

Big Fat Lottos WinnerWhat a great end to 2013 for one lucky Big Fat Lottos syndicate. On Saturday December 28th one of their UK lotto syndicates managed to pick up one of the £20,000 UK lotto raffle prizes which of course would be shared equally among its syndicate members. The winning raffle number is:

BLUE 6107-0381

A huge well done to the winning syndicate and good luck to all Big Fat Lottos members in future draws. Find out more about Big Fat Lottos today.