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The Big Fat Lottos brand has been with us for almost 4 years now but on September 10th that all changed as became

The company behind believes that the new name better suits the international nature of the business with not only this more appealing name but one that also carries a strong call to action.

This change in no way effects the suite of lottery type games that were launched under the Big Fat Lottos name.

Big Fat Lottos Syndicate Wins £20,000 in UK Lotto Raffle

Big Fat Lottos WinnerWhat a great end to 2013 for one lucky Big Fat Lottos syndicate. On Saturday December 28th one of their UK lotto syndicates managed to pick up one of the £20,000 UK lotto raffle prizes which of course would be shared equally among its syndicate members. The winning raffle number is:

BLUE 6107-0381

A huge well done to the winning syndicate and good luck to all Big Fat Lottos members in future draws. Find out more about Big Fat Lottos today.

Big Fat Lottos Soon to be Adding Lottery Ticket Option

Since its launch in 2010 Big Fat Lottos has been a company focused purely on lottery syndicates and offers syndicates for many of the leading global jackpot lottery games. These include the EuroMillions, Mega Millions and Powerball. However, Big Fat Lottos is soon to be adding single ticket playing options for its lotteries. In the next couple of weeks players will be able to purchase single tickets if playing in a syndicate is not their thing.

With this new playing option addition, Big Fat Lottos really will be the one stop shop for all your lottery needs. If you like playing the lottery with an odds advantage but don’t mind sharing the winnings with others, then one of the syndicates offered by Big Fat Lottos should be of interest to you. However, if you prefer to play alone knowing that if you win you will collect 100% of the winnings, then the single ticket playing option will be more your thing. Either way, Big Fat Lottos has the playing method for you. Big Fat Lottos will also be launching a full range of instant win games and these should be available on the site in the next couple of weeks also.

I will let you all know as soon as the new single ticket and instant win games go live. It won’t be long now so bookmark this site and you will be hearing about these exciting new products very soon.

BFL Lottery

Big Fat Lottos or BFL lottery as it is sometimes called was launched at the end of 2010 and gives lottery players around the world the opportunity to play big jackpot games in lottery syndicates. Since launching, BFL lottery has developed significantly and now offers a world class suite of global lottery games. You can currently enjoy the following lottery games with Big Fat Lottos:

  • UK lotto
  • EuroMillions
  • Spanish Superdraws
  • Superenalotto
  • Irish lotto
  • USA Mega Millions
  • USA Powerball

Playing in a lottery syndicate is a tried and tested method of improving your lotto odds so it really makes perfect sense to enjoy lotteries in this way. What’s more, when you register and choose your game with BFL lottery, you will never have to worry about forgetting to buy lottery tickets again as all this is done on your behalf and you are paid out your share of 100% of any syndicate winnings.

The company behind Big Fat Lottos is Annexio Ltd and they are licensed by the Isle of Man Government’s Gambling Supervision Commission and as such are required to satisfy the jurisdiction’s licensing requirements and comply with the stringent online gaming standards and player protection rules. You can therefore be safe in the knowledge that you are enjoying quality lottery products with a legitimate gaming provider. Here are some great reasons why joining Big Fat Lottos makes perfect sense:

  • Safe, secure, trusted
  • Never miss a jackpot
  • Play games not available locally
  • Winnings are collected on your behalf
  • 100% of winnings paid out
  • Fully licensed company
  • Hassle free organisation

Anyone who plays lotteries regularly knows just how poor the jackpot winning odds are with most global lottery games. Wouldn’t you much rather choose a playing method that greatly improves your chances of securing some lottery cash? Well, of course you would! Come and check out the selection of top quality lottery syndicates offered by BFL lottery and begin to enjoy the lottery more by playing in this fun and cost effective manner.

Affiliate Empire

Affiliate Empire LogoIn June 2013 Big Fat Lottos launched Affiliate Empire which is the dedicated support and marketing platform for all of its affiliates. Affiliate Empire is now the only place that affiliates of Big Fat Lottos need to visit to view all marketing materials, set up and monitor campaigns as well as view commission payments.

Here are 9 very good reasons why you should join Affiliate Empire and promote the leading lottery games offered by Big Fat Lottos:

  1. Diverse and huge target audience: Millions of people all around the world play lotteries every single week.
  2. Great Commission Plans: The more business you generate, the higher commission percentage you receive.
  3. Well-Known Brands: Big Fat Lottos offers some of the world’s richest and most famous lottery brands alongside their licensed status result in very impressive conversion rates and repeat player business.
  4. Personal Account Management: 24/7 personal service via phone, chat, or email.
  5. Unique Marketing Tools: Affiliates have at their disposal a comprehensive suite of marketing materials to help promote all of Big Fat Lottos’ products. These include banners, reviews, icons, landing pages, and a whole lot more. You can also contact the affiliate support team who will also design bespoke material for you.
  6. Big Fat Lottos is a Fully Licensed and Regulated lottery business: Members recognise our service as safe, secure and trusted.
  7. Reporting: As you start building your business you can view all your affiliate data in Real-time, 24 hours a day. You will also have at your disposal a comprehensive suite of pre-defined custom reports that will enable you to monitor and improve your campaigns as and when you want to.
  8. Reliable Payment Solutions: Commission payments are made monthly using a variety of payment methods, including online bank transfers, Moneybookers (Skrill), as well as personal cheques.
  9. Payment Plans: The Big Fat Lottos’ affiliate team will work with you to put together a payment plan for your campaign, geared to devise a win-win, long-term mutually beneficial relationship.


The affiliate program brought to you by Affiliate Empire has been set up in a way to pay you greater commission percentages as you generate more business. There is a real incentive here to promote the products far and wide because as you jump from one revenue share level to the next, there is a sizable increase in the commission percentage payout as can be seen below:

The Affiliate Program offers two primary commission structures

Revenue Share
Revenue per Month Commission
£0 – £500 10%
£501 – £1,500 14%
£1,501 – £3,000 18%
£3,001 – £5,000 20%
£5,001 + Contact Affiliate Empire

There are also CPA commission deals available but you need to contact Affiliate Empire to discuss these.

Register with Affiliate Empire today and start promoting the great lottery games offered by Big Fat Lottos.

Big Fat Lottos Launches Affiliate Empire

There are some big changes taking place as far as the Big Fat Lottos affiliate program is concerned; and yes they are positive changes.

The new affiliate program will be known as Affiliate Empire and goes live to all affiliates on 1st June 2013. What will this new affiliate program mean to new and existing affiliates? Well, here is a list of some of the great benefits that will be offered by Affiliate Empire:

  • Powered by MyAffiliates which means reliable performance and speedy technical assistance!
  • The state of the art reporting and campaign management in the Affiliate Empire platform puts complete control of your campaigns in your hands!
  • No more waiting for reports or links; now you can generate them yourself with the click of a button!
  • Real time tracking of your campaign status means that you can optimise quickly and maximise profits!
  • Fully optimised marketing materials available for all of Big Fat Lottos’ games – Euromillions, Powerball, Mega Millions, Irish Lotto, UK Lotto, Italian Superenalotto, Spanish Lotto and Jackpot Powerplay!

It looks like good news is just around the corner for all Big Fat Lottos affiliates!

Powerball Syndicate Launched by Big Fat Lottos

On the 2nd of May 2013 Big Fat Lottos made its latest addition to its suite of syndicate games with the launch of the Powerball syndicate. The Powerball lottery is one of the biggest jackpot lottery games in the world often generating jackpots in access of $100 million.

Powerball Facts:

  • Powerball is a lotto game played in 45 US states and is now available for non US players through Big Fat Lottos
  •  Draws take place twice weekly on a Wednesday and Saturday
  • Powerball’s minimum jackpot is $40,000,000!!!
  • The largest jackpot in Powerball and the second largest in lottery history is $587.500,000!!!

Now, thanks to Big Fat Lottos, players from all over the world can enjoy this incredible lottery game with the multiple benefits brought about by syndicate play.

Join a Powerball syndicate today.

Mega Millions Syndicate Launched by Big Fat Lottos

On May 2nd 2013 Big Fat Lottos launched the Mega Millions syndicate giving you access to the biggest jackpot lottery game in the world.

Mega Millions Facts:

  • Mega Millions is a multi-state American Lottery which had its first draw in 2002 and is now available for non US players through Big Fat Lottos
  •  Draws take place every Tuesday and Friday
  •  The largest jackpot in Mega Millions, as well as in lottery history, is $656,000,000!!!
  •  The starting Mega Millions jackpot is $12,000,000 and it rolls over each time it is not won

If you would like to take part in this enormous lottery game with all the advantages of syndicate play then you should join a Mega Millions syndicate today.

Big Fat Lottos March Affiliate Promotion

Big Fat Lottos is offering affiliates a very exciting volume promotion up until the end of March. Any affiliate who can introduce 100 new customers by the end of the month will receive a fantastic £400 bonus.

Pulling in this level of business is certainly not easy but when was earning an extra £400 easy? Affiliates will certainly be assisted in their recruitment activities this week with the £80 million Euro Millions Mega Draw taking place this Friday. We all know what happens to recruitment levels when these massive draws come around.

With the recent website revamp and the addition of the Irish lottery syndicate, Big Fat Lottos now offers a selection of 6 different syndicate packages for you to promote. So don’t waste this opportunity to get out there and give your March commission cheque a welcome boost!

Big Fat Lottos Launch New Website

Along with the recent launch of their latest lottery syndicate offering, the Irish lottery, Big Fat Lottos have also completely revamped their website. There now seems to be more of a focus on who Big Fat Lottos actually are as well as reasons clearly highlighted as to why lottery players should join.

I felt that the previous design was pretty decent but I feel that this latest effort is an improvement. The game options are still very clear and a “special offers” area has been added to the top of the site to entice new customers. I especially like the fact that customer reviews have been placed clearly on the site to help add credence to the brand and I think the “call me” feature is a great idea also. This is where you can request a call back from the company at your convenience if you have any queries. The addition of a blog is also a great idea as long as it is kept up to date with exciting and topical news items.

All in all I feel that the new site is an overall improvement on the old design. Please let me know what your opinions are regarding the new site design and features by commenting in the box below. Also, if you wish to ask me any questions, I will do my best to assist you.

Check out the new site design at