Ice Lotto Review

A review of the Ice Lotto lottery ticket service

Ice Lotto LogoIt wasn’t too long ago that the only way to buy a lottery ticket was to pop down to your local store and pick up a ticket. Now it’s easier than ever to buy lottery tickets online.

Ice Lotto takes the idea of buying a lottery ticket online a step further. You can buy tickets for a handful of lotteries, from a number of different countries. So if you’ve ever fancied playing Spain’s El Gordo de la Primitiva or one of many other different lotteries then Ice Lotto might just be the place for you.

This review aims to cover a number of aspects of the Ice Lotto business.

So what exactly is Ice Lotto?

Ice Lotto gives you access to major lotteries from other countries (which permit online participation). Some of the major lotteries available include Spain’s El Gordo de la Primitiva, Canada’s Lotto 649, and Europe’s classic lottery, Euro Millions. You can also access two of the main American lotteries; these are Power Ball and Mega Millions.

What else is available at Ice Lotto?

Apart from buying tickets for some of the world’s biggest lotteries, you can also view the odds you have of winning a specific jackpot. You also have access to features such as the history of all previous lottery results and details of secondary prizes. Ice Lotto also has a great rundown of how many times a number has been drawn in previous lotteries.

How easy is Ice Lotto to use?

The whole website has been designed with the end-user in mind. Everything is clearly labelled and there’s very little chance of getting confused. Make no mistake, this website isn’t for everyone – but for any real lottery lovers this website will quickly start feeling like home.

Registering to use the website is extremely easy. You simply need to enter your name, email and your telephone number and you’re away. As soon as you’ve registered, you’re then shown when all the lotteries are next happening. This countdown feature comes in really handy, especially when you’re not sure if you’ve got enough time to purchase your ticket.

Buying a ticket couldn’t be easier. You simply find the lottery you’re looking to buy a ticket for and then click play now. You’re then asked to choose your numbers or you can choose quick play (also known as lucky dip). Once you’ve chosen your numbers you simply need to pay for your ticket.

What payment methods are accepted?

Lottery tickets can be purchased using several different online payment processors. These include major credit cards, PayPal, Moneybookers, NETeller, GiroPay and iDeal. If you’re lucky enough to win, cashing out can also be done online.

Does Ice Lotto have support facilities?

The website has various support methods. You can phone, email or use live chat when contacting Ice Lotto.

What Do I Think of Ice Lotto?

Plus Points:

  • Nice easy to understand website
  • Bonus and loyalty program

Negative Points:

  • Only 5 lottery games available
  • Late arrival to well established market
  • Too many negative user reviews for a relatively new lottery retailer


On the plus side, Ice Lotto does have a nice looking website which is easy to navigate and understand. The bonus and loyalty program is also a nice feature that rewards regular players on the site. However, now let’s move on to the negative points which would definitely bother me if I were to register and play lotteries with this company. Firstly, there are only 5 lottery games to choose from which is pretty poor when you look at the number of games offered by some of the leading, established lottery retailers online today. Ice Lotto entered the lotteries market in 2013 which is more than 10 years after some of the top retailers started up. I understand that it is not always the case that the first company to market is necessarily the best but in this case there are a few far better playing options than Ice Lotto. Then there is the most concerning issue of all; negative user reviews. I have researched this company in depth and during this research I have read many negative user reviews on a number of different websites. Issues such as aggressive ‘cold calling’ and taking money from players’ accounts without authorisation are commonly occurring subjects.

In my opinion, Ice Lotto is a company that should be AVOIDED as there are far better retailers on the market offering superior playing options. Our 3 recommended retailers based on our research which includes positive user reviews are The Lotter, PlayHugeLottos and WinTrillions. Unfortunately, Ice Lotto falls well short of these operators in every way and has much to do to remedy this situation.

To find out more information about this company visit Ice Lotto.


WinTrillions Review

A review of the global lottery messenger service – WinTrillions

WinTrillions LogoWinTrillions is a subscription based website that provides the opportunity to purchase syndicate memberships and Millionaire Raffles in a large number of lotteries from around the world. The site, powered by Custom Software has been online since 2005. Users of the service don’t purchase tickets directly from the site; instead, the site serves as a messenger between the person buying a ticket and the actual lottery provider.

The secure site attracts thousands of players from over 140 countries throughout the world. Regardless of the country where a player lives, he or she can have access to the wonderful selection of top international lottery games thanks to the website. A user only needs a computer, credit card and an internet connection to purchase a syndicate ticket or Millionaire Raffle.

Available Lotteries

Win Trillions is a great lottery site for anyone who wants access to the biggest online lotteries around the world from the comfort of their home. As well as being able to buy syndicate tickets in specific lottery games, members can also buy tickets in combination lottery syndicates, such as the Power Combo syndicate or the Euro Combo syndicate. When you join these types of syndicates you play in multiple lottery games a part of your syndicate subscription.  Available lotteries include:

  • France Loto
  • Spain’s El Gordo de la Primitiva
  • Canada’s 649 Lotto
  • Brazil’s Mega Sena
  • Australia’s Powerball, Oz Lotto
  • Max Lotto
  • Europe’s EuroMillions
  • California’s SuperLotto
  • Florida Lottery
  • New York Lottery
  • US Mega Millions
  • US Powerball
  • UK National Lotto

How to Play

Initially you will need to set up an account that will take you no more than a few minutes. Purchasing syndicate tickets with WinTrillions is no different than shopping online at any other ecommerce website. You simply select the tickets for the syndicate that you wish to play in, place them in your shopping cart and then click the “Checkout” tab to complete the transaction.

A typical order may go like this:

Let’s say that you would like to join a Mega Millions syndicate. You will simply need to click on the “USA Mega Millions” syndicate from the list of different syndicates on the WinTrillions home page.  A new USA Mega Millions page will then load. You then choose how many shares in the syndicate you would like to buy as well as how many draws you would like to play in. You then click “Add to Cart”. When you have finished selecting your syndicate tickets, you simply need to “Proceed to Checkout” to complete your order. Please ensure that you do proceed to “Checkout” and complete your order. You will know you have completed the transaction fully when you see a confirmation page stating that your order is complete.

All purchased tickets are scanned and are visible to you in your member’s area. The actual tickets are kept in a safety deposit box for your security.

Who Can Play

Anyone from around the world is eligible to purchase syndicate memberships from Win Trillions, including United States residents and citizens. All players must be at least 18 years of age to make purchases on the site. The site is available in nine languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Danish and Russian.


WinTrillions offers customers regular promotions such as providing players with free tickets in lottery games when they refer a friend. The site also offers loyalty programs and deals of the day.

What Do I Think of WinTrillions?

Plus Points:

  • Lottery syndicates and Millionaire Raffles in a wide selection of worldwide lotteries
  • Secure financial transactions
  • User-friendly website design
  • Customer support by email, telephone, online chat or online contact form
  • U.S. residents are eligible to purchase tickets

Negative Points:

  • Can’t really find any


Overall, WinTrillions is a great resource for players who want access to global lottery games with the odds advantage offered by syndicate play. The site is user-friendly and offers a number of extra features to provide the utmost in service to customers.

To find out more visit WinTrillions

Please Note: Although I review this product, I am also an affiliate and therefore earn commissions from any sales that are generated through text links and/or banners on this page.

Play Huge Lottos Review

PlayHugeLottos – Is it worth a look?

PlayHugeLottos Play Huge Lottos operates as a part of PlayUKInternet. The site provides users the opportunity to play the biggest lottery draws from around the world, even if they don’t live in the country in which the lottery is held. Often, the lotteries included on the site have prizes that are in the mega million dollar range.

The site is powered by Custom Software and operates with internet browsers. No additional downloads are required, which makes the ticket purchasing process simple. In just a few moments after entering the necessary information, a player can participate in huge worldwide lottery games.

Play Huge Lottos was founded in 1998, under the jurisdiction of Curacao Casinos. Over its 14 years of providing lottery services to customers around the world, it has become known as one of the most trusted and secure sites in the industry.

Available Lotteries

Play Huge Lottos is great because it allows users to participate in the most well known lotteries from around the world and have the opportunity to win enormous payouts.
Lotteries available for play include:

  • Mega Millions (USA)
  • Powerball (USA)
  • The National Lottery (UK)
  • SuperEnalotto (Italy)
  • Oz Powerball (Australia)
  • Euromillions (Europe)
  • Oz Lotto (Australia)
  • SuperLotto Plus (USA)
  • El Gordo (Spain)
  • France Loto (France)
  • Mega-Sena (Brazil)

How to Play

The website operates securely, straight from a user’s internet browser. Ticket purchasing is simple after a user completes the short, one-time user registration form. After completing the registration, a user just has to log into the site and make a few clicks to complete the purchasing process for tickets. The site offers a range of options, including Quick Pick numbers and advance purchase options to meet the individual needs of any user.

The site features a very user-friendly layout and design that makes navigation a breeze. The modern look of the site also makes it a favourite of players from around the world. Features of the site that are of particular interest to players include lottery draw countdown clocks and estimated jackpots that are displayed in different currencies.

Who Can Play

The site is available in a number of languages, making it great for players around the world. Languages include English, German, Danish, Spanish and Polish.

The only exclusion is that players from the United States are not eligible to utilize the site to purchase tickets or play lotteries; this is to do with the strict online gambling regulations imposed on its citizens by the US government.


PlayHugeLottos is known for outstanding promotions and special offers that are available frequently. Past promotions include half priced tickets for the Italian lottery and the chance to win 5 complimentary U.S. Powerball tickets by submitting your personal opinions about the winners of the Oscars. Prizes awarded during contests and promotions range from luxury vacations to gift vouchers. The site also offers loyalty programs for users in which points are accumulated that can be used to purchase more tickets in the future.

What Do I Think of

Plus Points:

  • Provides players with a fantastic portal from where to purchase global lottery tickets
  • User-friendly and simple to purchase tickets
  • Offers phone, email and snail mail support
  • Customizable for users around the world (languages, currencies)
  • Great promotion opportunities
  • Well-designed, secure site

Negative Points:

  • U.S. citizens are not eligible to play on the site


Overall, this is a terrific site for anyone from the lottery novice to the most seasoned player. The site’s layout and simplicity makes the ticket buying process incredibly easy. The site has also built a good reputation over the years, making it a trusted and well-established name in the world of online lotteries.

To learn more about this lottery retailer visit Play Huge Lottos.

Please Note: Although I review this product, I am also an affiliate and therefore earn commissions from any sales that are generated through text links and/or banners on this page.

The Lotter Review – worldwide lottery tickets and affiliate program

The Lotter LogoHistorically, lottery players around the world were restricted to playing the state or national lottery game offered by their country of residence. However, this all changed when a number of lottery ticket sales agents entered the market; one of these is The Lotter.

TheLotter entered the lottery marketplace in 2002, operates from 20 regional offices around the world and gives lottery players access to more than 40 of the world’s biggest lottery games. These games can be played via your computer, iPhone or Android device 24/7!

How do I buy a ticket?

You simply choose the lottery game that takes your fancy and then you play with the same rules, the same play options and the same chances to win as you would buying a ticket off line.  You choose your numbers and then one of The Lotter’s regional office managers purchases the ticket on your behalf. They then scan the ticket to your online account, securely store the ticket and then supervise the automatic win collection process from The Lotter’s head office. Once the draw has taken place you will be notified of any winnings via SMS and/or email. If you have any questions, you can always contact The Lotter’s dedicated support team.

The Lotter Affiliate Program

If you own a website or have some other kind of online presence, you may wish to take part in The Lotter affiliate program. You are paid an ongoing 10-15% commission per month on your customers’ sales. This commission varies depending on the number of NEW customers you introduce each month.

Number of NEW Members per month % of gross revenue you receive
1-10 10%
10-50 12%
50+ 15%

You are given a comprehensive suite of promotional materials that include affiliate URLs, banners, RSS feeds and iFrame feeds. You are also allocated an account manager who is there to help you with your promotional activities.

What are my thoughts of The Lotter?

There are many positive aspects to this company in my opinion. Here are the main ones:

  • Incredible Choice – Players have access to tickets for more than 40 lotteries & results for 73 lotteries in 10 languages.
  • TheLotter is a serious player in the lottery market with over 10 year’s experience.
  • More than $24 million has been paid out in winnings to date.
  • Comprehensive customer support via live chat, email and telephone.
  • Great affiliate program that genuinely works. I have personally received over $67,000 from $488,000 in generated sales since joining in February 2008.
  • Affiliate commissions are paid on time every single month.

To buy lottery tickets Click Here

To join the affiliate program Click Here

Please Note: Although I review this product, I am also an affiliate and therefore earn commissions from any sales that are generated through text links and/or banners on this page.

LoveMyLotto Review

Looking to play in a syndicate? See if LoveMyLotto fits the bill

LoveMyLotto LogoLoveMyLotto was launched in December 2010 and is a multi-game lottery syndicate system. LoveMyLotto is a UK based company with ‘bricks-and-mortar’ offices which are located in Stratford-Upon-Avon in England — world famous for being the birth place of William Shakespeare. The company is headed by an experienced management team who have a wealth of knowledge in the gaming sector.

The Games

Each syndicate plays in five different lottery games each week. The only thing that varies is the number of entries into each game and this depends on the syndicate option that is chosen upon joining LoveMyLotto. The games that each syndicate currently plays in are:

UK Lotto – EuroMillions – Millionaire Raffle – Plus 5 – £1 Million Daily Play

Membership Levels

LoveMyLotto offers 3 different monthly syndicate packages – Bronze (£12), Silver (£24) and Gold (£36). Each syndicate has 21 members. The following table indicates the number of entries each syndicate package receives on a weekly basis:

Bronze Silver Gold  
Saturday UK Lotto 2 5 10
Wednesday UK Lotto 2 5 10
Lotto Plus 5 5 10 15
EuroMillions Tuesday 1 2 3
EuroMillions Friday 1 2 3
Tuesday Millionaire Raffle 1 2 3
Friday Millionaire Raffle 1 2 3
£1M Daily Draw 2 4 7






Choosing Your Numbers

Players do not have an option to choose their own numbers with LoveMyLotto. Upon joining each player is assigned a unique set of numbers that will be shared with their fellow syndicate members.

Who Can Join?

Lottery players from all over the world can join a LoveMyLotto syndicate. In fact, since LoveMyLotto started operations in 2010, players have joined from more than 90 countries around the world. There are certain countries from where you can not join a syndicate, the most notable being the USA; this is due to their strict online gaming laws.

How to Play?

To get started you simply need to select a syndicate package and then complete the short online registration form. Once your payment has been made by either credit/debit card or Moneybookers, your account details will be emailed to you. You will then be able to log in to your member’s area where you will be able to view your syndicate numbers and winnings etc. You do not have to check your numbers after each draw as this is done automatically on your behalf. Your share of any winnings is posted to your online e-wallet and you can withdraw this money as soon as the £20 payment threshold has been reached.

What Do I Think of LoveMyLotto?

Plus Points:

  • Syndicates play in 5 separate games each week
  • Good value syndicate packages
  • Experienced management team
  • Offer telephone, email and website support
  • Significant site and product developments since launch

Negative Points:

  • Telephone support could be improved
  • Syndicates for specific lottery games should be an option
  • Poor site design compared to the many other sites competing in the lottery arena


Overall, I find the LoveMyLotto syndicate system fairly basic when compared to the many excellent businesses in the lottery market that you could choose to play with. Although the management team has promised a great deal since the launch in 2010, very little has actually happened in its development. I therefore recommend that you stay away from this company and spend your lottery cash elsewhere. AVOID!

Big Fat Lottos Review

Considering joining a BigFatLottos syndicate? Check out this review first…

BigFatLottos SyndicateBig Fat Lottos is a lottery syndicate company that was formed in 2010. They currently offer syndicates for the UK lotto, EuroMillions, Spanish Superdraws and the Italian Superenalotto. There is also a multi-game syndicate called Jackpot Power Play.

UK Lotto Syndicates

Each UK lotto syndicate is made up of 49 members who share 88 weekly entries into the Wednesday and Saturday draws. Because of the way in which the UK syndicates have been set up, one number is always guaranteed in every single draw. This means that each syndicate only needs to match 5 numbers, not the usual 6, to win the jackpot. The cost of joining a UK syndicate is £5 per week.

EuroMillions Syndicates

Each EuroMillions syndicate consists of 110 members who share 55 entries into the Tuesday draw and 55 entries into the Friday draw. Owing to the way in which the Euro syndicates have been designed, every permutation of the Lucky Star numbers is catered for in each draw meaning that each syndicate only needs to match the 5 main numbers to secure the jackpot. Only one number is needed to win a cash prize. The cost of joining a EuroMillions syndicate is £7.50 per week.

Spanish Superdraw Syndicates

The monthly Spanish Superdraws offer incredible prize funds that range from €84 million right up to €2.52 Billion. Each 50 member syndicate shares 10 Décimo Tickets worth €200 in each draw. Each syndicate is guaranteed to win at least 1 cash prize in the Christmas ‘El Gordo’ draw and 3 cash prizes in each of the other 11 draws throughout the year. The cost of joining a Spanish Superdraw syndicate is £20 per draw.

Italian Superenalotto Syndicates

The Superenalotto is Italy’s biggest lottery game with a record jackpot of €177.8 Million. Each 85 member Superenalotto syndicate shares 85 entries into each of the 3 weekly draws. A syndicate needs to match 2 main numbers to win a cash prize. The cost of joining a Superenalotto syndicate is £6 per week.

Jackpot Power Play Syndicates

With Jackpot Power Play Big Fat Lottos has combined 4 massive lottery draws to create a huge “Jackpot Game”. Each 210 member syndicate receives 270 entries into 9 draws each week. Every week each syndicate receives the following draw entries:

•    2 EuroMillions draws – 60 entries
•    2 UK Lotto draws – 60 entries
•    3 SuperEnalotto draws – 90 entries
•    2 Millionaire Raffle draws – 60 entries

The cost of joining a Jackpot Power Play syndicate is £5 per week.

Choosing Your Numbers

With BigFatLottos you haven’t got the option to select your favourite set of numbers as you would if you bought a ticket from your local lottery retailer. However, in the UK lotto, EuroMillions and Superenalotto syndicates you can select a set of numbers from a range of number sets made available to you. The Spanish Superdraws are more of a raffle type affair and each ticket comes with its own specific number printed on it. Therefore choosing your numbers in this draw is not an option. Jackpot Power Play syndicates also do not have a number selection option.

Who Can Join?

Lottery players from most countries can join If your country is not listed when you register online then you are unable to join. For example, American citizens are unable to join due to strict online gaming regulations in the USA.

How To Play?

You simply choose the syndicate of your choice, proceed through the simple online registration and then make your payment using a credit/debit card or Moneybookers. Your syndicate numbers are automatically checked following each draw and any winnings are paid into your online e-wallet. You can withdraw your winnings at any time and these are paid out by either a cheque or via Moneybookers.

What Do I Think of Big Fat Lottos?

Plus Points:

•    Site is easy to understand and playing options are very clear.
•    Set and forget syndicate play – Everything is done for you.
•    Fully licensed and regulated company.
•    Good number of syndicate options.
•    Customer support available by telephone and email.

Negative Points:

•    Large syndicate sizes meaning low individual payout potential.


In my opinion this syndicate system is definitely up there with the best available today and should be considered. To find out more visit: Big Fat Lottos

Please Note: Although I review this product, I am also an affiliate and therefore earn commissions from any sales that are generated through text links and/or banners on this page.