€100 Million Euro Millions Special Draw

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Euromillions, euromillion ballon
Euromillions, euromillion ballon—tarchamps (Flickr.com)

On Friday March 22nd there will be a €100 million Euro Millions jackpot up for grabs. You therefore have just 7 days to grab your tickets ahead of this incredible life changing mega draw.

There are typically two of these super draws each year offering a guaranteed €100 million jackpot so as you can probably imagine the excitement for such draws is that much greater than that experienced in a typical Euro Millions week.

If you want tickets for this draw and you live in one of the participating 9 member nations, you can pick them up from a high street retailer or from your respective country’s lottery operator’s website. If you live in a territory outside of these participating Euro Millions nations, you can buy your tickets via a respectable lottery ticket sales agent such as The Lotter.

One Week Until The Guaranteed €100m Euromillions Jackpot World World Lottery News

There is exactly one week to go until the Euromillions hosts the special Guaranteed Superdraw of €100 million. The draw which will take place on Friday 22nd March 2013 will see the jackpot figure for that night topped up to reach an incredible Tickets For EuroMillions 100m Superdraw On SaleGambling Kingz. all 2 news articles.…

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