Euro Millions Results Friday 28th June 2013

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01-15-28-35-47 Lucky Stars 01 and 07

Here are the winning lottery numbers for Friday’s draw and there was just a solitary jackpot winner scooping the £12,843,000 jackpot prize. Of course there were other cash prizes won in the other 11 Euro Millions prize categories. To find out if you are one of these lucky winners, visit the link below:

EuroMillions Results for Friday 28th June 2013. World Lottery News. EuroMillions Results for Friday 28th June 2013 The final EuroMillions game of June gave lottery players the chance to win a brand new jackpot worth 15 12 million.

I know that playing for the £12 million entry level jackpot is never as exciting as when you are playing for a mega jackpot but this is still a life-changing sum nonetheless. Purchase your lottery tickets online here today and the very best of luck to all you players in Tuesday’s draw.

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