Euro Millions Results Friday 31st May 2013

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27-28-29-34-43 Lucky Stars 05 and 10

These are the winning Euro Millions numbers for the draw that took place on Friday 31st May 2013. There were no jackpot winning tickets on Friday meaning that the jackpot rolls over to next Tuesday’s draw where the jackpot prize grows to £18 million. Wondering if you have managed to secure a cash prize from one of the other 11 winning prize tiers in Friday’s draw? Visit the link below to find out:

EuroMillions Results for Friday 31st May 2013. World Lottery News. EuroMillions Results for Friday 31st May 2013 The final EuroMillions game of May 2013 offered a brand new jackpot of 15 12 million thanks to a single ticket taking down the multi-rollover jackpot in the midweek draw. As if that wasn’t exciting.…

So, it’s another Euro Millions draw on Tuesday with yet another rollover jackpot. But next Friday’s draw offers the truly exciting prize as it is a Euro Millions Super Draw with a guaranteed €100 million to be won. Have you purchased your tickets yet? If not, you can buy your desired number of Euro Millions tickets right here today.

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