Euro Millions Results Tuesday 25th June 2013

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04-05-13-27-35 Lucky Stars 01 and 02

These are the winning lotto numbers for the Euro Millions draw on Tuesday June 25th. This time there is no rollover as two very lucky ticket holders matched these numbers and therefore split the  £159,559,000 jackpot. For all of Tuesday’s draw information including the number of winners at the lesser prize levels, visit the following link:

Euromillions Results for Tuesday 25th June 2013. World Lottery News. Last night saw lottery players across Europe bid for the chance to win the second largest Euromillions jackpot in the history of the game. Ticket sales surpassed expectations as excitement around the draw reached fever pitch with the jackpot Winning EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle prize ticket bought in Neath Port This is South Wales. all 56 news articles.…

With the huge jackpot gone, the Euro Millions jackpot is now back to its starting level of £12 million. I appreciate that these smaller jackpots do not generate as much excitement as the larger ones but if recent trends continue I am sure that the big jackpots will come again soon.

Best of luck to all Euro Millions players in the next draw!

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