Euro Millions Results Tuesday 4th June 2013

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31-33-34-37-40 Lucky Stars 01 and 06

Here we have the winning Euro Millions results for the game that took place on Tuesday June the 4th. Again there was no jackpot winning ticket which has been a fairly common trend as of late in the Euro Millions. If you would like to find out if you managed to secure a prize in one of the 11 other Euro Millions prize categories, simply visit the link below:

Euromillions Results for Tuesday 4th June 2013. World Lottery News. Last night’s Euromillions draw had an estimated rollover jackpot of 21 18 million but a surge in ticket sales in the lead up to the draw saw the actual jackpot on the night come in at an unusually high 22 19 million.

With Tuesday’s draw out of the way it is time to focus on a far more interesting prospect as this Friday we have a guaranteed £80 million Euro Millions Super Draw taking place. Someone’s life is soon going to change forever and it could be you but only if you have purchased your tickets. Buy your lucky Euro Millions tickets right here today.

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