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Maximising your Euro Millions odds in a EuroClub Syndicate

EuroClub SyndicateThe Euro Millions lottery is the biggest lotto game in Europe and one of the biggest worldwide. The game was launched in 2004 and has become an enormously popular pastime for players right across Europe. The entry level jackpot for the Euro Millions is £12 million but jackpots have risen above the £100 million mark as a result of multiple rollovers. In fact, in July 2011 a record jackpot of £161,653,000 was collected by a Scottish couple.

If you decide to play the Euro Millions as a member of a EuroClub syndicate you will enjoy far better odds as each syndicate receives 200 chances of winning every week. There are 99 shares in each syndicate and any money won is shared out equally between these shares. You can buy as many of these shares as you like; the more shares you buy, the greater percentage of any syndicate winnings you will receive.

Once you have selected your tickets and completed the transaction, you will receive email confirmation. Your syndicate tickets are then scanned and uploaded to your member’s area so that you can view them. The actual tickets are securely stored by the auditors of WinTrillions for your security.

The cost of joining a syndicate varies depending on how many syndicate shares you wish to purchase and for how long you wish to remain playing. There are no deductions made by the company from any winnings that your syndicate receives.

Soon after a draw has taken place, the operators of the Euro Millions will announce the winning numbers as well as the various prizes for each of the winning prize tiers. As soon as this information has become available, WinTrillions will check these numbers against your syndicate numbers and contact you if you have indeed won a prize.

If your syndicate does win a prize, WinTrillions will claim these winnings on your syndicate’s behalf as they are acting as your syndicate manager. Syndicate winnings of up to $600 will be made directly into your WinTrillions account for you to withdraw via the payment solution of your choice. For prizes over $600 payment may be made directly into your WinTrillions account or with a cheque or via bank transfer, depending on your personal preference as well as your local banking legislation.

Register online today and within a few minutes you can secure your place in a EuroClub syndicate and enjoy an incredible 200 chances of winning the Euro Millions lottery each and every week.

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