Ice Lotto Review

A review of the Ice Lotto lottery ticket service

Ice Lotto LogoIt wasn’t too long ago that the only way to buy a lottery ticket was to pop down to your local store and pick up a ticket. Now it’s easier than ever to buy lottery tickets online.

Ice Lotto takes the idea of buying a lottery ticket online a step further. You can buy tickets for a handful of lotteries, from a number of different countries. So if you’ve ever fancied playing Spain’s El Gordo de la Primitiva or one of many other different lotteries then Ice Lotto might just be the place for you.

This review aims to cover a number of aspects of the Ice Lotto business.

So what exactly is Ice Lotto?

Ice Lotto gives you access to major lotteries from other countries (which permit online participation). Some of the major lotteries available include Spain’s El Gordo de la Primitiva, Canada’s Lotto 649, and Europe’s classic lottery, Euro Millions. You can also access two of the main American lotteries; these are Power Ball and Mega Millions.

What else is available at Ice Lotto?

Apart from buying tickets for some of the world’s biggest lotteries, you can also view the odds you have of winning a specific jackpot. You also have access to features such as the history of all previous lottery results and details of secondary prizes. Ice Lotto also has a great rundown of how many times a number has been drawn in previous lotteries.

How easy is Ice Lotto to use?

The whole website has been designed with the end-user in mind. Everything is clearly labelled and there’s very little chance of getting confused. Make no mistake, this website isn’t for everyone – but for any real lottery lovers this website will quickly start feeling like home.

Registering to use the website is extremely easy. You simply need to enter your name, email and your telephone number and you’re away. As soon as you’ve registered, you’re then shown when all the lotteries are next happening. This countdown feature comes in really handy, especially when you’re not sure if you’ve got enough time to purchase your ticket.

Buying a ticket couldn’t be easier. You simply find the lottery you’re looking to buy a ticket for and then click play now. You’re then asked to choose your numbers or you can choose quick play (also known as lucky dip). Once you’ve chosen your numbers you simply need to pay for your ticket.

What payment methods are accepted?

Lottery tickets can be purchased using several different online payment processors. These include major credit cards, PayPal, Moneybookers, NETeller, GiroPay and iDeal. If you’re lucky enough to win, cashing out can also be done online.

Does Ice Lotto have support facilities?

The website has various support methods. You can phone, email or use live chat when contacting Ice Lotto.

What Do I Think of Ice Lotto?

Plus Points:

  • Nice easy to understand website
  • Bonus and loyalty program

Negative Points:

  • Only 5 lottery games available
  • Late arrival to well established market
  • Too many negative user reviews for a relatively new lottery retailer


On the plus side, Ice Lotto does have a nice looking website which is easy to navigate and understand. The bonus and loyalty program is also a nice feature that rewards regular players on the site. However, now let’s move on to the negative points which would definitely bother me if I were to register and play lotteries with this company. Firstly, there are only 5 lottery games to choose from which is pretty poor when you look at the number of games offered by some of the leading, established lottery retailers online today. Ice Lotto entered the lotteries market in 2013 which is more than 10 years after some of the top retailers started up. I understand that it is not always the case that the first company to market is necessarily the best but in this case there are a few far better playing options than Ice Lotto. Then there is the most concerning issue of all; negative user reviews. I have researched this company in depth and during this research I have read many negative user reviews on a number of different websites. Issues such as aggressive ‘cold calling’ and taking money from players’ accounts without authorisation are commonly occurring subjects.

In my opinion, Ice Lotto is a company that should be AVOIDED as there are far better retailers on the market offering superior playing options. Our 3 recommended retailers based on our research which includes positive user reviews are The Lotter, PlayHugeLottos and WinTrillions. Unfortunately, Ice Lotto falls well short of these operators in every way and has much to do to remedy this situation.

To find out more information about this company visit Ice Lotto.


18 thoughts on “Ice Lotto Review”

    1. I have been scammed by IceLotto to. They have made two unauthorized charges to my credit card. They cannot be reached and when you call all numbers, you only get an automated voice requesting to leave your name and phone number and the country you are calling from. After a week of calling and mailing, no reply whatsoever, neither by phone nor email. I am a 100% certain that this is a scam otherwise they would have emailed me or at least return my calls.

      1. Hi Elaine

        I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with Ice Lotto. This is by no means the first negative story I have heard about this company. They have not been about all that long and already the negative comments are stacking up. Have you tried buying your tickets from The Lotter yet? I receive hardly any negative reports about this company. They have been around since 1996 and are probably the biggest lottery ticket seller online today. If you do go on to use them please let me know about your experience by commenting once again on

        Thanks for commenting and good luck with your lottery playing exploits.

        Best Wishes


  1. I believe that all these online lottery ticket sellers are just a SCAM! Online purchase of tickets in US is not possible; so they can’t do it and I don’t believe they would run with your money to a shop to buy you a ticket. Avoid!

  2. At first manager from icelotto charge money without my aprovement, then they try to sue me because I charge money back. Maybe its there business model, charging money for something that people dont want and then sue them.

    1. Hi Gregoa

      Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Ice Lotto. It is these helpful comments from people like yourself that will ultimately keep lottery players away from the bad lottery providers and guide them towards the quality ones. I very much appreciate your comment as it helps to develop as a valuable lottery review site.

      Many thanks


  3. Errrmm….I could be missing something here Gavin, but you gave “Ice Lotto” a very positive review – which many people may well have taken it to be a genuine, pucker site.

    It’s only since the comments that luckily I’ve just avoided playing with Ice Lotto – Surely it would be a good idea to amend your review?

    1. Hi Paul

      Funny you should say that as I was thinking the very same thing. My review was written in May 2013 and was based mainly on my opinion of their website and general perception of their business. Ice Lotto was also in its infancy at the time and there were very few comments out there from people who had tried their product. However, the negative reports have been coming in thick and fast as of late, with yours being the latest. For this reason, my review of their company will be getting a fresh update this coming week. Thanks for your message; all comments are much appreciated.

      Kind Regards


  4. I found this forum by accident. I was actually very surprised about the bad reviews on Ice Lotto because I have been a member in their club for 5 months already. I have a monthly renewed subscription with them and they always charged me the exact amount agreed and I was receiving the scanned tickets that they bought on time and before each lottery draw takes place.
    After reading these reviews I have logged in again and check if I missed any ticket of was charged extra, and seems that all is ok. I actually saw that I was given 50 Euros bonus money for my purchase with them on December 2013 :), and even got a one ticket free this month.
    Therefore, I continue buying tickets with them and think that you should consider in giving them another chance.
    Anyway, good luck to everyone on this forum and I wish you all good luck.

    1. Hi John

      Thanks for this feed back. I am glad that things are going well for you at Ice Lotto. As I run a lottery review site, I have to take into account the opinions and comments of all the individuals who have played with Ice Lotto and based on my research there is currently a far greater number of negative opinions and comments about this company than positive ones. If the general feeling towards Ice Lotto becomes more favourable as their product and customer support improves, this changing sentiment will be reflected in my review. However, at this time there are better lottery ticket providers on the internet who have a far better track record and tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Our 3 recommended retailers are The Lotter, PlayHugeLottos and WinTrillions.

      Best of luck!



  5. Hello,

    I was wondering whether to play the Mega millions lottery with Icelotto or not and while I was doing my research I’ve noticed the green bar on Icelotto site. I checked that out and it seems that they are authenticated by GEO trust who also validated the real identity of the site. That is why I’ve decided to play with them. since other lottery providers are not as secured and as trustworthy as they are. not even the top 3 your recommend.

    Furthermore, as I investigated even more it turns out that many of the lottery providers (even those you recommend) don’y buy any tickets at all and they are a scam.

    After a few weeks playing with Icelotto I must say i’m satisfied, they always provide the tickets on time and I don’t have any issues with them.
    I’ve played through all the 3 recommended lottery retailers and they are all pretty much the same.

    Icelotto customer service was wonderful. I spoke with a nice guy that helped me to get the best subscription for me including a syndicate the covers all the Mega Ball options and I already have some small winnings.

    Best Value for money retailer by far!

    P.S I’ve noticed that you claim to have “many bad reviews” yet I don’t understand why. It seems that you are a bit biased or you’ve encountered some few bad reviews. Personally I’ve encountered bad reviews only here and I did a thorough online investigation regarding Icelotto before I started using their service.

    Best of luck to all the lottery players
    Kelly Smo.

    1. Hi Kelly

      Your thoughts and comments are very much appreciated. I’m glad that you have had a good experience with Ice Lotto. All user comments are always published to for visitors to view. This allows them to make a judgement as to which lottery retailer to register with. My current review of Ice Lotto will remain but I do revisit all of the retailers that I review on a regular basis as well as check out exactly what people are saying about them. If I feel that Ice Lotto is beginning to show significant steps forward I will adjust my review accordingly. The more comments that come in from people like yourself will only go to help lottery players make a better informed decision when selecting a lottery retailer to register with.

      So once again, thanks for your comments

      Best Wishes


  6. Hello Ice lotto,
    You hiring hacker to invade my computer for your advertising!!! Do you think people will buy something from you???

    Hope you can investigate it!!!

  7. Terrible marketing calls, very very aggressive, not impressed with Ice Lotto will keep an eye on my bank account very carefully and find out if I can block their calls – so rude to be so extremely aggressive towards a customer.

  8. Cool site!
    I received a call from Icelotto call center. The agent was polite and professional
    I’d had a good experience.

  9. Well here is my story,I have been taken for approximately$12000.00 and am pissed. I have tried to get some answers with no results. They are fast talkers that promise you the moon and they say that all the conversations are recorded. If that is so then I may be able to get some of my money back. I do not know how the 649 Lottery can give them the ok to sell tickets on their behalf, if they know that it is not a honest company. I will be looking for answers from them also.I was dealing with ice lotto in Cypress and the man’s name was Michael, apparently when they have a company in Cypress the rules are different so I don’t know much about that but will check that out also. If you are smart at this time you will not invest any money into Ice lotto they do not deliver. Wish me luck!

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