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Play in a lottery syndicate to enhance your lotto odds

Lottery Syndicate WinnersLottery syndicates are a very popular way of participating in lottery games and are used by players worldwide. If you are unfamiliar with this lottery playing method lets give you a definition to help clear things up:

A syndicate is a self-organizing group of individuals companies corporations or Lottery syndicates People sometimes play the lottery in a.…

Generally speaking, lottery games offer very poor jackpot winning odds so it can be tempting to purchase multiple tickets in a draw to help boost these odds. However, this can become very expensive. By setting up or joining a lottery syndicate, each member pays in a set amount every week or month and this pool of cash is then used to purchase lottery tickets. Should any of these tickets win a cash prize in a weekly lotto draw, each member of the syndicate will receive an equal share. So, lotto syndicates are a great way of enhancing your lottery playing odds but at the same time keeping your payments at a sensible level. In fact, did you know that in the UK 1 in 4 jackpots are won by lottery syndicates?

A lot of syndicates are set up between groups of work colleagues as well as among family and friends. Usually one person is chosen as the syndicate manager and is then responsible for collecting money from each syndicate member, purchasing the tickets and collecting and sharing out any winnings. This is often an informal agreement between friends and/or colleagues but operating a syndicate in this manner can lead to problems. There have been cases when a syndicate has won big and the syndicate manager refuses to payout each member’s equal share which has lead to court cases. For this reason, it is prudent to a lottery syndicate agreement listing details such as each member’s name, draw contribution and share of winnings as well as each person’s signature. Completing a simple lottery syndicate contract will help ensure that each member understands the syndicate’s guidelines and therefore adhere to the lottery syndicate rules.

If you would like to setup an online lottery syndicate instead of doing it the traditional way, this is also an option. Going down the online route does make sense as all payments are taken electronically, numbers are checked automatically and any winnings paid out. Operating a syndicate in this manner eliminates any mistakes being made such as the syndicate manager forgetting to purchase the tickets for a draw.

Now that I have discussed the traditional type of lottery syndicate, now it’s time to mention the other type of syndicates that are available online today. Not interested in setting up or joining a traditional syndicate? Well, do not fear as there are professional lottery syndicate companies online today who take care of everything for you. You simply select the syndicate option that best suits you and you are then automatically slotted in to the next available syndicate spot. Your lotto syndicate numbers are automatically checked against the drawn numbers and you are notified of any winnings via SMS or email. Your winnings are sent directly to your online e-wallet from where you can withdraw them using a variety of payment solutions. Some of these lottery syndicate systems offer syndicates in specific lotteries; others offer subscriptions that package a number of different lottery games into a single syndicate. It is then down to your personal preference as to which suits you better.  Three examples of these different types of lottery syndicate systems are:

Big Fat LottosOffer syndicates in specific lottery games
Offer syndicate packages playing in multiple lotteries
Offer syndicate games in specific lotteries as well as grouped lotteries

In summary, lottery syndicates are a great way to play the lottery if you are keen to give your odds a welcome boost without spending a ton of cash in the process. The only real negative regarding syndicate play is that any winnings are split equally between all syndicate members meaning that your individual payout could end up being quite small. If you decide to look in to the odds of winning most lotteries as a single ticket holder, I think that you will quickly realise that being a member of a lottery syndicate is not such a bad idea.

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