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WinTrillions LogoIf you are looking to play in 3 of the biggest jackpot lottery games anywhere in the world with enhanced playing odds then a WinTrillions Power Combo syndicate is the one for you. These syndicates combine the Italian SuperEnalotto and the two huge US lotteries; Powerball and Mega Millions.

If you play any of these 3 games as a single ticket holder, you will be playing with some of the worst lottery odds of any game worldwide. However, pooling resources with other Power Combo syndicate members means that you get far more chances to win each week but at the same time keeping your expenditure to a minimum. As part of a syndicate you receive 20 chances to win in 7 individual weekly draws; this makes a total of 140 chances of sharing cash prizes every single week.

These 3 lotteries have a habit of generating some enormous jackpots. In 2010, the Superenalotto jackpot reached a record breaking €177,800,000 ($247,943,104). On March 30th 2012, a $640 million Mega Millions jackpot was won. And in November 2012, the biggest ever jackpot in Powerball was won – $587.5 million. So, as you can see there is real potential for some big syndicate payouts playing with WinTrillions.

Each week you have many lottery playing days to get excited about: Mega Millions is played every Tuesday and Friday. Powerball is played every Wednesday and Saturday. SuperEnalotto is played on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

There are 70 shares in each Power Combo syndicate and any prize money is divided equally between each share. Obviously, the more shares that you purchase the greater percentage of the syndicate’s winnings you will receive. The cost of playing in a syndicate will vary depending on how many syndicate shares you choose to buy and for how long you choose to participate as a syndicate member. You can get involved for just £5 though; this is for a single syndicate share and participating for just one week.

Once you have paid for your syndicate ticket share(s) you will be able to view scanned copies of your syndicate’s tickets in your member’s area. If your syndicate wins a cash prize you will be notified by email following the draw. Payments of up to $600 will be paid directly into your WinTrillions member’s account for you to withdraw. Prizes over $600 may be paid again into your member’s account, via cheque or directly into your own bank account according to your personal preferences and at the same time keeping in line with the local banking laws in your jurisdiction.

Join a Power Combo syndicate today with WinTrillions and receive 140 weekly chances of sharing in seven huge lottery jackpots.

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