The EuroMillions Winners

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EuroMillions is a lottery that was launched on 7th February, 2004. The first draw was held on 13th February, 2004 in Paris. Many countries like UK, France, Spain, Austrian, Irish, Portuguese and many others had taken place. The lottery draws are held on every Tuesday and Friday at 8:45 p.m in Paris. The lottery tickets are also available at licensed stores and online websites. In order to participate in the lottery, a player should be at least 18 years of age. The cost of the ticket is £2.00.

The EuroMillion winners were created in every EuroMillions draw. Till date, the winners of this largest jackpot are Adrian and Gillian Bayford. They were from UK who had won an incredible amount of €190 million in August 2012. Among the other winners are Chris and Colin Weir from UK who had won €185 million in 2012.

Countries, Winners and Odds

Ever since the EuroMillions was launched, each participating country sold at least one winning jackpot ticket. Mostly people from France, Spain, Portugal and UK have won the lottery. The latest news came when the EuroMillions was won by 12 bus drivers from Corby, UK. They had won a total jackpot prize of £38,034,639.70.The player firstly selects five main numbers from 1 – 50. Now two lucky star numbers are selected from a pool of 11 numbers. The app i.e. the EuroMillions Results Checker helps you to check your number quickly on your mobile device easily and free of cost. The structure of the game was changed in 2011. The lucky star of the game can be drawn from a pool of 11 numbers instead of usual 9. Also a separate provision i.e. the booster fund is available to make contribution for the jackpot. There is a probability of 1 in 13 to win the game. Euromillions tickets can be bought online at secure websites such as the Lottoleader online lottery website.

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