The SuperEnalotto Lottery History

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SuperEnalotto is a very famous lottery that has been played in Italy ever since 3rd December, 1997. The lottery draws takes place on Thursdays, Tuesday and Saturday at 8 p.m. This is one of the largest lotteries in the world. This lottery has a great relevance as Enalotto was a very well known lottery that existed in 1950’s. SISAL was modified in 1997 to create SuperEnalotto. Till 2009, there were six winners of lottery. They were held in Baro, Florence, Naples, Rome, Milan and Palermo.

The Venice draw is used as Jolly number. The first number that was drawn was used first and later the second one was used and the number goes on. It is a very less probability that two numbers winning of the two cities would be same. If the two numbers have same numbers then that means that they have duplicate numbers and then winning a jackpot becomes impossible. But ever since 1st July, 2009, the numbers are being drawn independently. Only one single draw is being conducted for six winning numbers and Jolly number and second draw is for SuperStar number.

Ticket Cost and Odds of Winning

Each game ticket costs about one Euro for every two try. All the players should just seek to match 6 numbers out of the 90 numbers. If the player matches all the numbers, he will definitely win. Apart from the jackpot, there are five prize categories in SuperEnalotto that players can win. The jolly numbers gives the candidates an additional chance to the players. This means that they will get 5+1 chance. This makes a total of 6. In order to win the match, at least 3 numbers should match.

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